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updated: 16 January 2011

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added maps to the Frank, Germany, Kolb, and Volga Region pages

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updated the list of researchers for both Frank and Kolb

Two new books have become available, the long awaited Khulberg Lists and the German Russian Handbook.

The Khulberg Lists
by Ivan Khulberg

This book includes important information about more than 20,000 colonists and ships, commanders, and arrival information.

The “Kuhlberg Lists” were compiled by Titular Counselor Ivan Kuhlberg as the colonists arrived in Oranienbaum. More than 20,000 persons in 6,500 families are documented in the Kuhlberg lists. They are compiled by ship, with the date of arrival in Russia, port of departure, the name of the ship, and the name of the skipper. The name and surname of the colonists are listed, the composition of the family (age of children is indicated), location from where they came, religious confession, and place where they desired to settle.

German Russian Handbook
by Ulrich Mertens

A Reference Book for Russian-German and German-Russian History and Culture with place name listing of former German Settlement Areas. Items included: Detailed time lines, discussions of deportations, martyrology, Russian and Soviet currency, and many other topics make this a veritable vademecum for the research of Germans from Russia. It combines information from many fragmented sources into a single integrated listing of all localities where Germans settled in Russia, "from the largest cities to the smallest chutors" in the Volga, Black Sea, and Mennonite regions, as well as in Volhynia.

The German-Russian Handbook , originally titled, Handbuch Russland-Deutsche by Ulrich Mertens, is an impressive hard bound book translated by Brigitte von Budde and Alex Herzog, Edited by Allyn Brosz, Alex Herzog and Thomas Stangl.

Both books can be purchased from the AHSGR Store.

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The list of active research into Germany.


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