First Settlers' List

The information for the First Settlers' List was compiled from the book, Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet (Immigration to the Volga Region) 1764-1767, Vol. 1, by Igor Pleve. Additional information such as family members, age, date of arrival, and religious faith can be obtained from the book which can be purchased from the AHSGR Store.

I have arranged the family names alphabetically by last name. The superscript number is the order in which Dr. Pleve has listed the colonists in his book. If there is an alpha indicator next to the superscript number that means that the individual though not necessarily a family member is living in the household of whomever number is indicated, i.e. Eva Bezolt1a is living in the household of Johann Georg Frank1.

Note: All spellings for given names and surnames are as they appear in the book, as is the use of the (?) question mark.

Note #2: Any name with an asterisk * indicates that though this individual is not listed in the aforementioned book as a First Settler, there is additional documentation, namely, surname charts researched by Dr. Pleve which lists the date of arrival in the village as that of the date of settlement for the village.

Name Occupation Place of Origin
Adelmaeir, Johann68 Farmer Fauerbach, Hessen-Darmstadt
Bastron, Johann Ludwig54 Craftsman Bigens?, Isenburg
Bauer, Johannes96 Farmer Kirschbach?, Erbach
Baum, Johannes55 Farmer Ebergi?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Becher, Conrad71 Craftsman Lauter, Hessen-Darmstadt
Becher, Johannes72 Craftsman Lauter, Hessen-Darmstadt
Beck, Caspar26 Cutter Kröttenbach, Löwenstein
Bender, Lorenz3 Craftsman Rambach, Nassau*
Bereht, Michael6 Farmer Grasbrun, Ansbach
Bernhard, Nicolaus39 Farmer Nazig?, Gerene?, Frankreich
Betz, Jacob20 Craftsman Ochsenbach, Württemberg
Bezolt, Eva1a Orphan Suhl, Sachsen
Bezolt, Johannes105 Craftsman Suhl, Sachsen
Bezolt, Ludwig Heinrich36a Orphan Suhl, Sachsen
Binginer?, Valentin83 Farmer Rinteln, Freiberg?
Blasius, Christian48 Farmer Schleinitz?, Sachsen
Blesau?, Andreas66 Craftsman Werbellin, Brandenburg
Bock, Burghard18 Farmer Altenhaslaz?, Hannover
Brücher, Jacob93a Orphan Rimhorn, Erbach
Demert?, Johann Friedrich60 Craftsman Neustadt bei Dresden, Sachsen
Dietrich, August106 Button Maker Königsberg, Preußen
Dietrich, Johannes56 Farmer Solms [Feinstein?], Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Dormann, Johannes116 Buyer Hamburg
Eckert, Hartmann47 Gerber* Kidow?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Eisenach, Heinrich74 Craftsman Willez?, Schlitz
*Fahrenbruch, Christian Farmer Quedlinberg, Sachsen,
Flath, Friedrich95 Farmer Wirlikrulbach?, Erbach
Fourau, Peter41 Farmer Chez?, Frankreich
Frank, Johann Georg1 Farmer Mülhausen
Freiling?, Johann Georg92 Farmer Eberbach, Erbach
Frick, Johann Heinrich78 Farmer Nidda, Hessen-Darmstadt
Furh, Barbara63 Farmer's Wife Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Göthmann, Heinrich98 Farmer Nieder-Kinzig, Erbach
Gras, Conrad46 Craftsman Umstadt?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Grauf, Paul4 Craftsman Schezler?, Würzburg
Grünewald, Caspar65 Farmer Feld, Hessen-Darmstadt
Günther, Johann Heinrich49 Farmer Enerhof?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Gutmann, Johann Martin112 Farmer Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Hartung, Philipp13 Craftsman Büdingen, Isenburg*
Heimbüchner, Johannes Michael101 Farmer Neustadt, Erbach
Hein, Philipp114 Farmer Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Heisel?, Johann Georg91 Farmer Wimlingrimbach?, Erbach
Hendelbach, Peter28 Farmer Bisuses?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Herzog, Anna Elisabeth70 Farmer's Wife Fauerbach, Hessen-Darmstadt
Hoch, Heinrich12 Farmer Berching, Hanau*
Hoch, Johann Peter51 Craftsman Meiningen, Sachsen
Hof, Johann23 Farmer Langen, Hessen-Darmstadt
Hoffärber, Johann Leonhard100 Farmer Geinsheim?, Erbach
Hoffärber, Johannes99 Farmer Sandbach?, Erbach
Hoffmann, Johann Heinrich90 Farmer Langebranich?, Erbach
Hoffmann, Johannes73 Craftsman Eckarsbrun, Hessen-Darmstadt
Iling?, Johann Georg35 Farmer Selzich?, Sachsen
Irk?, Christoph77 Farmer Nidda, Hessen-Darmstadt
Kammerzel, Johannes112a Orphan Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Karg, Johann Georg17 Farmer Rimhardt?, Erbach
Kemann?, Luwig19 Craftsman Fahrt?, Hannover
Kirschbaum [Kerschbaum?], Margaretha113 Farmer's Wife Hostet?, Kurpfalz
Kissler, Johann Heinrich52 Craftsman Penrot?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Kleim, Johann Adam81 Craftsman Niederwöllstadt, Solms
Kleim, Johann Georg80 Craftsman Niederwöllstadt, Solms
Kleim, Johann Heinrich79 Craftsman Niederwöllstadt, Solms
Kleim, Johannes82 Craftsman Niederwöllstadt, Solms
Kleim, Philipp67 Farmer Sedal?, Solms
Knopf, Caspar8 Farmer Mauerwelt?, Fulda
Koch, Philipp15 Farmer Warnewalbach?, Thüringen
Kraft, Ludwig10 Farmer Rutenburg?, Lohbach?
Krebs [Kret?], Johann Friedrich16 Farmer Grossenhausen, Hannover
Kröning, Hans111 Craftsman Lussbach?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Lapp, Carl14 Soldier Child Pferdsbach?, Isenburg
Lapp, Christian31 Farmer Pferdsbach?, Isenburg
Leonhard, Andreas59 Craftsman Sprendlingeng, Isenburg
Leonhard, Heinrich29 Farmer Sprendlingeng, Isenburg
Lesher, Johann Adam34 Farmer Steinwehrshausen?, Sachsen
Löbsack, Immanuel44 Farmer Steinheim, Hessen-Darmstadt
Luft, Johann Georg42 Farmer Ulfa, Hessen-Darmstadt
Lüsemann?, Michael62 Farmer Wießenbach, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Lutz, Michael76 Farmer Nürnberg
Manz, Heinrich107 Farmer Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Müller, Anna Margaretha36b Orphan Selzich? Sachsen
Müller, Conrad36 Farmer Selzich?, Sachsen
Müller, Dilimann [Daniel?]37 Farmer Selzich?, Sachsen
Müller, Johann Ludwig104 Farmer Piver?, Hannover
Müller, Johann Martin75 Farmer Brennhausen?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Müller, Martin25 Craftsman Bingenheim, Hessen-Darmstadt
Müller, Peter5 Carpenter* Gminterdreich?, Isenburg
Olt, Johann Nicolaus93 Farmer Witzbarch?, Erbach
Ort, Johann Georg94 Farmer Breitenbrunn, Erbach
Pfeif, Johann Heinrich43 Farmer Bonbach?, Sulz, Lobbach
Philipper, Joseph38 Farmer Amereli?, Dauphin?, Frankreich
Rameis?, Anna110a Orphan Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Rausch, Jacob89 Craftsman Niederanzeig?, Erbach
Reiter?, Andreas115 Craftsman Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Rossmann, Johannes109 Farmer Hergaz?, Fulda
Ruppel, Georg40 Farmer Kunerot?, Isenburg
Saalmeier, Friedrich2 Craftsman Kummerhausen?, Nürnberg
Schäfer, Andreas57 Farmer Iweck Schlitz?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Schäfer, Johannes97 Farmer Ext?, Erbach
Schäfer, Martin9 Farmer Kestrich, Hessen-Darmstadt
Schapf?, Friedrich108 Craftsman Laudenbach, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Schauermann, Johann45 Farmer Lans?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Schickedans?, Daniel21 Farmer Sprendlingen, Isenburg
Schmick, Johann Caspar32 Craftsman Salzig?, Sachsen
Schmidt, Christian61 Farmer Sprendlingen, Isenburg
Schmidt, Peter24 Farmer Lenrot?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Schork, Johannes103 Farmer Zell?, Erbach
Schuhmacher, Johann7 Farmer Mühldorf, Holstein
Stamm, Wilhelm27 Farmer Obermundstadt, Isenburg
Steinmetz, Jacob22 Miller Westge?, Klosterbesitz?, Isenburg
Steinmüller, Christoph Carl69 Cutter Ilzich?, Sachsen
Stroh, Michael30 Sock Weaver Sprendlingen, Isenburg
Urich, Bernhard117 Craftsman Unstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt
Wacker, Johann Paul53 Craftsman Grünewald, Hessen-Darmstadt
Wagner, Johannes85 Farmer Rinteln, Freiberg?
Walter, Friedrich88 Craftsman Neustadt, Erbach
Walter, Heinrich86 Craftsman Hasswelborn, Nassau
Weber, Johann Heinrich102 Farmer Oberklinten?, Kurpfalz
Weidemann, Johann64 Farmer Ilbeshausen, Hessen-Darmstadt
Weiss, Simon87 Gardner* Ditmolt?, Hannover
Weitzel, Johann Georg11 Farmer Stengerat?, Hessen-Darmstadt
Wesmann?, Ulof50 Craftsman Stockholm, Sweden
Willmann, Heinrich84 Farmer Harpeshausen?, Hannover
Wittwerger?, Georg Franz58 Craftsman Aurach?, Würrtemberg
Zeiler, Andreas33 Farmer Marklkofen, Nürnberg
Zimmermann, Johannes78a Orphan Wallernhausen, Fulda
Zitzmann, Georg110 Farmer Hirschfeld, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights


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