First Settlers' List

The information for the First Settlers' List was compiled from the book, Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet (Immigration to the Volga Region) 1764-1767, Vol. 2, by Igor Pleve. Additional information such as family members, age, date of arrival, and religious faith can be obtained from the book which can be purchased from the AHSGR Store.

I have arranged the family names alphabetically by last name. The superscript number is the order in which Dr. Pleve has listed the colonists in his book. If there is an alpha indicator next to the superscript number that means that the individual though not necessarily a family member is living in the household of whomever number is indicated, i.e. Adam Christian1a is living in the household of Andreas Kolb1.

Note: All spellings for given names and surnames are as they appear in the book, as is the use of the (?) question mark.

Name Occupation Place of Origin
Adler, Anna Dorothea12 Farmer's Wife Rüsselsheim, Hessenburg?
Arnst, Johannes27 Farmer Heckeberg?, Hanau
Bart, George7 Farmer Heimweiler?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Bauer, Valentin8 Farmer Erbach, Falkentstein
Becker, Jacob10 Farmer Sankt-Thomas, Falkenstein
Betz, Jacob11 Farmer Rüsselsheim, Hessenburg?
Christian, Adam1a Orphan Lindheim, Hessenburg?
Dorn, Valentin3 Craftsman Sankt-Thomas, Falkenstein
Eckart, Albrecht15 Craftsman Bayreuth
Heim, Konrad13 Farmer Alsbach, Hessen-Darmstadt
Henkel, Karl4 Farmer Heimweiler?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Kanzler, Salman?5 Craftsman Sandau, Brandenburg
Kolb, Andreas1 Craftsman Rüsselsheim, Hessenburg?
Mai, Adam25 Farmer Langenbach, Isenburg
Minch, Johann Heinrich16a Orphan Obersdorf, Kurpfalz
Müller, Jacob22 Farmer Sprendlingen
Paul, Sebastian31 Farmer Weilmünster, Weilburg
Pfeifer, Anna Maria1b Orphan Bruchköbel, Hanau
Plümerdorf, Johann17a Orphan Regensburg
Rein, Heinrich9 Crafsman Gebershein?, Hanau
Reuber, Christian2 Craftsman Langensalza, Sachsen
Rupp Johannes21 Farmer Weißenbach, Hessen-Kassel
Scheuermann, Ernst30 Farmer Landsendorf, Braunfels
Schielrew?, Heinrich19 Craftsman Duderstadt, Sachsen
Schmidt, Johannes32 Craftsman Rossbach?, Hanau
Schreiner, Friedrich23 Farmer Heimweiler?, Free Noble Province of Ancient Knights
Stellwag, Elisabeth22a Orphan
Teige [Tange], Franz24 Soldier Strassburg, Frankreich
Thiel, Johannes16 Farmer Langensalzberg, Isenburg
Thiel, Jahannes17 Farmer Langensalzberg, Isenburg
Thiel, Konrad18 Farmer Langensalzberg, Isenburg
Walter, Johann Heinrich26 Orphan Dürkheim, Hessen-Darmstadt
Walter, Johannes14 Farmer Dürkheim, Hessen-Darmstadt
Wenz, Nicolaus29 Farmer Kronberg, Zweibrücken
Wenz, Philipp Jacob28 Farmer Kronberg, Zweibrücken
Wilhelm, Philipp20 Farmer Lützelhausen, Hanau
Württemberger, Franz6 Farmer Ober-Darmstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt


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