Surname Charts

The following is a list of surname charts currently available for purchase either directly from the individual who commissiond the chart or from AHSGR.

If you see a chart that you are interested in purchasing please visit AHSGR's website to see the complete contact information for each chart.

When a surname is listed more than once typically that means the chart was commissioned by more than one individual and may or may not also include more than one village.

If your surname is not listed and you would like to commission a chart then you should contact Dr. Igor Pleve professor of History at Saratov State University, Russia, to see if he is currently accepting new orders. Be sure to include as much information as possible and explain exactly what you want researched and which village. If you want all occurances of a particular surname researched be sure to stress that to Dr. Pleve as his quotes for timeline and cost is typically for one village only.

After Dr. Pleve has responded to your request, you will then be directed to contact Dick Kraus as he is the liaison to Dr. Pleve, coordinating payments and distribution of the charts once completed.


ALBERT (village of Norka)

ALT (village of Norka)

ALTERGOTT (village of Schwed)

AMEN (villages of Brunnental, Frank, Hussenbach, & Walter)

AMEN (villages of Frank, & Walter)

AMEN (villages of Frank, & Walter)

AMEN (villages of Frank, & Walter)

ANDREAS (village of Warenburg)

ASCHENBRENNER (village of Norka) - On order/Not Received

AUL (village of Krasnoyar

BAERNS (village of Enders) - 'Cyrillic'

BAHL (village of Kamenka)

BAHM (village of Kutter)

BANGERT (village of Dietel)

BARTHOLOMÄ (villages of Beideck, Frank, Franzfeld, Gnadenfeld, & Walter)

BASGAL (villages of Franzosen & Rothammel)

BASTRON (village of Frank)

BASTRON (village of Frank)

BATH / BOTT (villages of Dietel & Frank)

BATT (villages of Dietel & Frank)

BAUER (village of Frank)

BAUER (village of Koehler)

BAUER (village of Norka)

BAUM (village of Kukkus)

BEA (villages of Grimm & Stahl am Tarlyk)

BECHTHOLD / BECHTHOLT / BECHTEL (villages of Neu-Dönhof & Norka)

BECKER (villages of Beideck, Eckheim, & Shcherbakovka)

BEFUS / BAFUS (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

BEILMAN (no purchase information available)

BELTZ (villages of Kutter & Tarlyk)

BENDER (villages of Aehrenfeld & Kratzke)

BENNER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

BENZEL (villages of Kautz, Kolb, & Neu-Hussenbach)

BEREN (village of Göbel)

BERNHARDT (village of Frank)

BERSCHAUER (village of Kratzke)

BETZ (village of Nieder-Monjou)

BIEBER (village of Rothammel)

BIEHN (village of Norka)

BLEHM (villages of Ährenfeld, Kratzke, & Shcherbakovka)

BLUM (village of Norka)

BLUMENSCHEIN (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

BOHL / POHL (village of Huck)

BÖHM / BEHM (villages of Dönhof & Neu-Döhof)

BONACKER (village of Orlovskoe)

BORGENS (villages of Frank & Walter)

BORGER (village of Holstein)

BOXBERGER (villages of Ährenfeld & Kratzke)

BOXBERGER (village of Kratzke)

BRACK (village of Pobochnoye)

BRAUN (village of Walter)

BRAUN (village of Moor)

BREHM (village of Norka)

BREHM to 1906 (village of Norka)

BRENNER (villages of Brunnental, Norka, & Schwab)

BRETZ (village of Koehler)

BRILL (village of Norka)

BROENING (village of Kutter)

BROTT (village of Warenburg)

BRUECK / BRICK (village of Laub)

BRUN (village of Norka)

BRUNGARDT (village of Frank)

BRUNZ / BRUNTZ (village of Merkel)

BURBACH (village of Norka)

BURBACH II (village of Norka)

BURBACH to 1906 (village of Norka)

BURKHARDT (village of Walter)

BURNHARDT (village of Frank)

BUSCH (village of Laub)

BUSEK (village of Kukkus)

BUSEK (village of Kukkus)

BUTHERUS (village of Walter)

BUXMANN (villages of Mueller & Wiesenmüller)


CLAUSER / KLAUSER (villages of Dobrinka & Kraft)

DALINGER (villages of Erlenbach, Galka, & Shcherbakovka)

DAMER / DAHMER (village of Beideck)

DAMM (village of Schilling)

DAVID (village of Dietel)

DEBUS (village of Kukkus)

DECKERT (villages of Enders & Müller) - 'Cyrillic'

DEGRAF (villages of Schwed & Stahl am Karaman)

DEINES (villages of Dönhof & Kratzke)

DEINES (villages of Dönhof & Neu-Dönhof)

DEINES (villages of Dönhof & Norka)

DICK (village of Norka)

DIEL (village of Straub)

DIEL (village of Straub)

DIETZ (villages of Kratzke & Shcherbakovka)

DIETS (village of Walter)

DINGES (village of Norka)

DIPPEL (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

DITTER (village of Frank)

DONIS (village of Beideck)

DÖRING / DOERING (village of Norka)

DÖRING (village of Warenburg)

DORN (village of Paulskoye)

DÖRR (village of Norka)

DÖRR / DERR (villages of Brunnental, Norka, & Walter)

DOTZ (village of Enders)

DREITH (village of Beideck)

DREITH (village of Beideck)

DUXBERG (villages of Boaro, Caesarfeld, & Katharinenstadt) - 'Cyrillic'

EBERT (village of Hussenbach)

ECKHARDT (village of Huck)

ECKHARDT (villages of Dietel & Frank)

EHRLICH / ERLICH (village Shcherbakovka)

EICHLER (villages of Dönhof & Neu-Döhof)

EISENACH (village of Frank)

EMIG (villages of Katharinenstadt, Kind, &  Paulskoye)

ENDERS / ENDERSEN (village of Enders )

ENGRAFF (villages of Husaren, Rothammel, & Vollmer)

ENGROFF (village of Rothammel)

ERFURTH (village of Orlovskoe)

ERTLE (villages of Göbel & Vollmer)

EURICH (village of Kukkus)

EÜSEL (villages of Neu-Hussenbach & Norka)

FABRIZIUS (villages of Ährenfeld & Kratzke)

FAHRENBRUCH (village of Frank)

FELDE (village of Krasnoyar)

FELDE (village of Rosenheim)

FELLER / VELLER (village of Krasnoyar)

FELSING (village of Kukkus)

FEUERSTEIN (village of Norka)

FUERSTEIN (village of Norka)

FILBERT (village of Schilling)

FINK (village of Norka)

FISCHER (village of Kraft)

FOOS (village of Dietel)

FOOS (villages of Dietel & Merkel)

FRANK (village of Hussenbach)

FRANK (village of Kautz)

FRANZ (village of Krasnoyar)

FRANZ / FRANTZ (village of Krasnoyar)

FREIMANN (village of Katharinenstadt)

FRICK (village of Frank)

FRICK (village of Huck)

FRICKEL (village of Kautz)

FRIES (village of Hussenbach)

FRIES (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

FRITZLER (village of Grimm)

FROMM (village of Hussenbach)

FRÜAUF / FRUEAUF (village of Norka)

FRÜHLING / FREEHLING (village of Beideck)

FUCHS (village of Frank)

FUCHS (village of Huck)

FUCHS (village of Norka)

FUCHS (village of Hussenbach)

FUCHS / FOX (village of Kautz)


GÄRTNER (village of Vollmer)

GERINGER / GOERINGER (village not inidicated) - 'RAGAS'

GERK (villages of Josephstal, Köhler, Marienfeld, Pfeifer, & Rothling)

GERLACH (village of Norka)

GERLACH / GERLACK (village of Dobrinka)

GETTMAN / GETTMANN / GÖTTMANN (villages of Brunnental & Frank)

GIEBELHAUS (village of Norka)

GIESWEIN (villages of Gnadenfeld & Moor)

GLANZ (village of Norka)

GLEIM (villages of Kutter, Lauwe, Straub, & Warenburg)

GLOCKENHAMMER (village of Kautz)

GOERLITZ / GORLITZ / GERLITZ (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

GORING (village of Eduardorf)

GORINGER (village of Lauwe)

GORR (village of Schwed)

GORR (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

GRADWOHL (village of Kautz)

GRASMICH (village of Balzer)

GRAUBERGER (village of Dietel)

GREBE (village of Kraft)

GREENMEIER / GRÜNEMEIER (village of Beideck)

GREENWALD / GREENWALT / GRUNWALD / GRUENWARD (villages of Brunnental & Frank)

GRENZ (villages of Franzosen & Holstein)

GRIMM (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

GRITZFELD / KRITZFEL (village of Holstein)

GRIZMAN / GREISMAN (villages of Krasnoyar & Laube)

GROH / GROO (village of Grimm)

GROSSKOPF (village of Frank)

GRUENWALD (village of Frank)

GRUENWALD (villages of Brunnental & Frank)

GRÜN / GREEN (village of Norka)

GRÜN / GREEN to 1906 (village of Norka)- chart order cancelled because of new price and delay

GRÜN / GRUEN (village of Norka)

GUENTHER (village of Frank)

GUTTMAN (village of Frank)

HAAR (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

HABERMAN (village of Balzer)

HAFNER (village of Shcherbakovka

HAMBURG (villages of Neu-Hussenbach & Walter)

HAMBURGER (village of Norka)

HANHARDT (village of Kutter)

HANNEMAN (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

HANSCHU (village of Shcherbakovka)

HARDT (villages of Enders & Paulskoye)

HARDT (village of Kautz)

HARTUNG (village of Frank)

HAURICH (villages of Balzer & Norka)

HECKMAN (village of Balzer)

HEIDT / HEIT / HEYD (village of Lauwe)

HEIMBIGNER (village of Frank)

HEIMBUCH (village of Balzer)

HEIN (village of Huck)

HEIN (village of Frank)

HEINITZ (village of Eckheim)

HEINRICH (village of Kukkus)

HEINRICH (village of Norka)

HELZER / HÖLZER (village of Norka)

HEMPEL (village of Huck)

HENNEBERG (village of Stahl am Karaman)

HERBST (village of Frank)

HERDER (village of Beideck) - 2 supplemental charts

HERGERT (village of Frank)

HERGENRODER (village of Kukkus)

HERMONY (village of Kautz)

HERZOG (village of Kukkus)

HERZOG (villages of Schultz & Schwed)

HESSLER (village of Norka)

HEUSER / HEISER (village of Norka)

HILD / HILT (villages of Louis, Mariental, & Ober-Monjou)

HILDERMAN (village of Dietel)

HILDERMAN (village of Hussenbach)

HILDERMAN / HILTERMANN (no village indicated)

HILDERMAN (village of Holstein)

HILL (village of Walter)

HIRSCH (village of Frank)

HIXT (village of Huck)

HOCH (village of Frank)

HOELZER / HÖLZER / HELZER to 1906 (village of Norka)

HOFF (village of Frank)

HOFFERBER (village of Frank)

HOFFMANN (village of Balzer)

HOFFMANN (village of Balzer)

HOFFMANN (village of Dietel)

HOFFMANN (village of Frank)

HOHNSTEIN (village of Norka)

HOHNSTEIN (village of Norka) - 'digitized version only'

HOHWEILERS (village of Stephan)

HOPP (village of Frank)

HOPP (village of Frank)

HOPPE (villages of Kano &  Schwed)

HORCH (village of Warenburg)

HORST (villages of Frank, Kolb, & Norka)

HUBER (village of Balzer)

HUBER (village of Balzer)

HUCK (village of Huck)

HUCK (village of Huck)


INGETRON (villages of Kamenka, Schuck, & Seewald)

JACOB (village of Pfeifer)

JACOBI / JACOBY (village of Norka)

JACOBY (village of Huck)

JÄGER / YEAGER (village of Norka)

JOHANNES (village of Kukkus)

JORDAN (village of Hussenbach)

JOST (village of Paulskoye)

JOST / YOST (village of Norka)

JOST / YOST to 1906 (village of Norka) - On order/Not Recieved

JUNG (village of Wiesenmüller) - On order/Not received

KAHLER / KOEHLER (village of Norka)

KAISER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

KAUFMANN (villages of Frank & Shcherbakovka)

KECHTER (villages of Norka & Walter)

KEIL (village of Mueller)

KEISER (village of Norka)

KELLER (village of Schilling)

KELLN (village of Holstein)

KEMPF (village of Stahl am Karaman)

KEMPF (villages of Stahl am Karaman & Urbach)

KERBS (village not indicated)

KERNER (villages of Lauwe, Stahl am Tarlyk, & Straub)

KERNER (villages of Lauwe, & Straub)

KIEHN (village of Frank)

KINDSVATER (village of Dietel)

KISLING / KIESLING (village of Warenburg)

KISSLER / KIHSLER (village of Frank)

KLAUS / CLAUS (village of Norka)

KLAUS (village of Ober-Monjou)

KLEIN (village of Frank)

KLEIN (villages of Ährenfeld & Kautz)

KLEIN (village of Köhler)

KLEMM (villages of Anton, Jost, & Kukkus)

KLEWENO (villages of Neu-Yagodnaya & Yagodnaya Polyana)

KLOBERDANZ (village of Rothammel)

KLUG (village of Köhler)

KNAUB (village of Kautz)

KNAUS (villages of Ährenfeld & Kratzke)

KNIPPEL (village of Norka)

KNISS / KNIESS (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

KNOLL (villages of Krasnoyar & Stahl am Karaman)

KNOPF (village of Frank)

KNOPF (village of Frank)

KOCH (villages of Frank & Kolb)

KOCH (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

KOEHLER (villages of Bangert, Stahl am Tarlyk, & Warenburg)

KOEHLER / KÖHLER (village of Balzer)

KOEHLER / KÖHLER (village of Beideck)

KOHL (village not indicated)

KOHLER (village of Norka)

KOLEBER (village of Kratzke)

KONSCHU / KONSCHUH (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

KORELL (villages of Gnadenfeld & Moor)

KRAFT (village of Shcherbakovka)

KRAUS (village of Stahl am Karaman) - 'Cyrillic'

KRAUS (villages Dönhof, Schilling, & of Stahl am Karaman)

KREICK (village of Huck)

KRENING / KRÖNING / GRENING (village of Frank)

KRENTZ / KRENZ / GRENZ (villages of Franzosen & Holstein)

KREUZER (village of Hussenbach)

KREIGER (village of Norka)

KREIGER to 1906 (village of Norka)

KREIGER (village of Huck)

KRILL / KROLL (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

KROH (village of Hussenbach)

KROMM (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

KRUG (village not indicated)

KRUG (villages of Dietel & Kratzke)

KRUMM (village of Kukkus)

KRUSCH (village of Stahl am Karaman)

KUHFELD / KUFELDT (village of Schwed)

KULTHAU (village of Norka) - On order/Not recieved


LACKMANN (village of Dietel)

LACKMANN (village of Dietel) - partial chart - On order/Not recieved

LAEHL / LEHL (village of Norka)

LAIS (villages of Hussenbach & Neu-Hussenbach)

LAUBHAN (village of Shcherbakovka)

LAUCK (villages of Beideck & Dönhof)

LAUTENSCHLAGER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

LEBSACK (village of Frank)

LECHMANN (village of Rothammel)

LEFLER / LÖFFLER (villages of Krasnoyar & Rosenheim)

LEHMAN (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

LEHR (village of Norka)

LEICHNER (village of Huck)

LEINWEBER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

LEIS (village of Hussenbach)

LEIS / LAIS (village of Hussenbach)

LEONHARDT (village of Frank)

LEONHARDT (village of Grimm)

LESSER (village of Frank)

LIND (village of Dönhof)

LIND (village of Kraft)

LINDEGRIEN (villages of Kratzke & Stahl am Tarlyk)

LISSMAN (village of Norka)

LITZENBERGER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

LOEB (village of Bangert)

LOEB / LÖB (village of Bangert)

LOFINK / LOHFING (village of Norka)

LOHREY (village of Kutter)

LOOS / LOAS (village of Norka)

LOOSE (village of Kraft)

LUFT (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

LUTHER (village of Huck)


MAI (village of Ährenfeld)

MAI (villages of Eckheim, Holstein, & Kratzke)

MAIER (villages of Dönhof, Kratzke, Merkel, & Shcherbakovka)

MAJOR (villages of Grimm & Rosenberg)

MARGHEIM (village of Merkel)

MARTIN (village of Holstein)

MARTIN (village Stahl am Karaman)

MAUL (village of Norka)

MEIER (village of Erlenbach, Franzosen, & Holstein)

MEIER (village of Shcherbakovka)

MICHAELIS (villages of Ährenfeld & Kratzke)

MICHEL (village of Dietel)

MICHEL (village of Kautz)

MILBERGER (village of Grimm)

MILL (village of Dietel)

MILLER (village of Wiesenmüller)

MILLER (village of Frank)

MILLER / MUELLER (village of Norka)

MILLER / MUELLER / MÜLLER (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

MOHR (villages of Beideck & Warenburg)

MOLKO (village of Warenburg)

MOOR (village of Moor)

MORASCH (villages of Beerenfeld & Yagodnaya Polyana)

MUCK (village of Hussenbach)

MUELLER (village of Balzer)

MUELLER (villages of Dietel & Mueller)

MUELLER (villages of Enders & Reinwald)

MUELLER (village of Reinwald)

MUTH (villages of Grimm & Wiesenmüller)

NAFTS (village of Dönhof)

NAGEL (village of Norka)

NEB / NAB (villages of Kraft & Shcherbakovka)

NEFF (village of Dinkel)

NEIBAUER (villages of Ährenfled & Kautz)

NIEDERHAUS (village of Huck)

NILMEIER (villages of Stahl am Tarlyk & Straub)

NILSEN (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

NOLDE (village of Norka)


OBERLANDER (villages of Michektal, Oreibrunnental, & Peterstal)

OBLANDER (village of Shcherbakovka)

OESTEREICH (village of Messer)

OSTERTAG (villages of Dehler, Seewald, & Vollmer)

OSTWALD (village of Kautz)

PABST (village of Beideck)

PAUL (village of Anton)

PAULI / PAULY (village of Norka)

PAULY (village of Anton)

PAULY to 1906 (village of Norka)

PEIL (village of Holstein)

PETERS (village of Katharinenstadt)

PFAFENROTH (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

PFEIF (village of Frank)

PFEIFER (village of Schwed)

PFEIFER (village of Stahl am Karaman)

PFENNING (village of Norka)

PINNECKER (villages of Gnadenfeld & Moor)

PISTER (villages of Frank & Urbach)

PITSCH (village of Dietel)

POPP (village of Kautz)

POPP (village of Norka)

PROPP (villages of Hussenbach & Kolb)

REH (village of Beideck)

REH (villages of Beideck & Kutter)

REICH (village of Norka)

REICHENBORN (villages of Köhler & Schuck)

REICHERT (villages of Dietel & Kautz)

REIFSCHNEIDER (villages of Kukkus & Norka)

REIFSCHNEIDER (villages of Beideck & Kutter)

REIN (villages of Ährenfeld, Dietel, Laub, & Merkel)

REINHARDT (villages of Bangert, Dinkel, & Stahl am Tarlyk)

REISPICH / REISWIG (village of Norka)

REISBICH (village of Messer) - 'Cyrillic'

REISIG (village of Shcherbakovka)

REITER (village of Frank)

REITER / REUTER (village of Kautz)

REITZ (village of Bangert)

REITZ (village of Kukkus)

REPP (village of Norka)

REPP (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

REUSCHER (village of Norka)

REUSCHER (village of Norka) - 'Cyrillic'

RIEB / RUEB (village of Nieder-Monjou)

RICHTER / SCHUMACHER (village of Norka)

RIEL (village of Kautz)

RIEL (villages of Kautz & Neu-Hussenbach)

RIFFEL (village of Morgandau)

ROBERTUS (village of Balzer)

ROH (village of Schilling)

ROHN (village of Walter)

ROMMEL (village of Hussenbach)

ROSE (village of Stahl am Karaman)

ROSENOFF (village of Hussenbach)

ROTH (villages of Beideck & Schilling)

ROTH (village of Straub)

ROTH (village of Balzer)

ROTHE (village of Frank)

ROTHENBERGER (village of Hussenbach)

RUDY / RUDI (village of Pobochnoye)

RUGER (village of Kutter)


SACK (village of Huck)

SALWASSER (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

SAUER (village of Norka)

SCHADT / SCHAD (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

SCHAFER / SCHAEFER (village of Norka)

SCHAEFER (villages of Ährenfeld, Kratzke, & Messer)

SCHAEFER (village of Wiesenmüller)

SCHAEFER (villages of Kamenka & Pfeifer)

SCHAFER (village of Frank)

SCHAFER (village of Grimm)

SCHAHMANN (village of Kautz)

SCHARTON (village of Moor)

SCHÄTZEL (villages of Hussenbach [Linevo Ozero and Gaschon] & Neu-Hussenbach)

SCHAUB (village of Kukkus)

SCHAUERMAN (village of Frank)

SCHEIDEMANN (village of Norka)

SCHEIDT (villages of Balzer & Stahl am Tarlyk)

SCHEIDT (village of Balzer)

SCHEIDT / SCHEID (villages of Balzer & Stahl am Tarlyk)

SCHILLEREFF (villages of Frank & Kolb)

SCHILLING (village of Norka)

SCHLEGEL (villages of Dietel, Dönhof, & Huck)

SCHLEGEL (village of Huck)

SCHLEICHER (village of Norka)

SCHLEINING (village of Huck)

SCHLEUNING (village of Norka)

SCHLITT (village of Norka)

SCHMER (village of Norka)

SCHMER to 1906 (village of Norka)

SCHMICK (village of Grimm)

SCHMICK / SCHMUCK / SMICK (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

SCHMIDT (village of Frank)

SCHMIDT (village of Kutter)

SCHMIDT (villages of Caesarsfeld, Katharinenstadt, & Stahl am Karaman)

SCHMIDT (village of Warenburg)

SCHNEGELBERGER (village of Beideck)

SCHNEIDER (village of Ährenfeld)

SCHNEIDER (villages of Eckheim, Huck, & Kratzke)

SCHNEIDER (village of Norka)

SCHNEIDER (villages of Boaro & Stahl am Karaman)

SCHNELL (village of Norka)

SCHOESSLER (villages of Frank, Kolb, & Walter)

SCHOTT (village of Grimm)

SCHREIBER (village of Norka)

SCHREINER (village of Brumenfeldt)

SCHREINER (village of Kautz)

SCHREINER (village of Kraft)

SCHULTZ (village of Kraft)

SCHULTZ (villages of Kraft & Shcherbakovka)

SCHUMANN (village of Kautz)

SCHWABECHER (villages of Bibertsein, Ernestinendorf, & Nab)

SCHWARTZ (village of Norka)

SCHWARTZ to 1906 (village of Norka)

SCHWARTZKOPF (villages of Frank, Kautz, & Moor)

SCHWIEN (villages of Holstein, & Kratzke)

SCHWINDT (village of Kamenka)

SCHWINDT (village of Norka)

SEIBEL (village of Grimm)

SEIBEL (villages of Brunnental, & Walter)

SEILER (village of Laub)

SELL (villages of Balzer, Bangert, Beideck, Dönhof, Kutter, Stahl am Karaman, & Straub)

SELL / SÖLL (village of Frank)

SIEBERT (villages of Dinkel, Kana, & Warenburg)

SIEGWARDT (village of Kraft)

SIMON (village of Warenburg)

SINNER (vilage of Norka)

SINNER (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

SINNER (village of Stahl am Tarlyk)

SINNER (village of Schilling)

SITZMAN (village of Frank)

SITZMAN (village of Frank)

SOMMER (village of Pfeifer)

SPADY (village of Norka)

SPATE / SPATH / SPAET (village of Wiesenmüller)

SPECHT (villages of Ährenfeld & Merkel)

SPOMER (village of Beideck)

SPOMER (village of Beideck)

SPOMER (villages of Bangert, Beideck, Kukkus, Stahl, Stahl am Tarlyk, & Warenburg)

SPREUER (village of Dietel)

STADLER (village of Kamenka)

STAHLIE / STAHLEY (village of Kautz)

STEINERT (village of Shcherbakovka)

STEINMETZ (villages of Brunnental & Walter)

STEINMETZ (village of Dietel)

STEINMILLER (village of Frank)

STEITZ (village of Straub)

STENZEL / STENCEL (village of Hussenbach)

STERKEL (village of Huck)

STERKEL (village of Norka)

STERKEL (village of Norka)

STÖRKEL / STERKEL (village of Norka)

STÖRKEL / STERKEL (village of Norka)

STRASSHEIM (village of Frank)

STRECKER (village not indicated)

STREMEL (villages of Kamenka & Pfeifer)

STRICKER (village of Shcherbakovka)

STRICKER (villages of Kraft, Rosenberg, & Shcherbakovka)

STROH (village of Frank)

STROMBERGER (village of Dönhof)

SUPPES (village Hussenbach [Linevo Ozero])


TILLEMAN / DILLMAN (village of Norka)

TRAUDT (village of Norka)

TRAUDT to 1906 (village of Norka)

TRÜBER / TREBER (village of Norka)

TRUPP (village of Frank)

UHRICH (village of Frank)

UHRICH (village of Dietel & Frank)

UNRUH (villages of Karlswald, Ostrog, & Sabara)

URBACH (villages of Stahl am Karaman & Urbach)

URBAN (villages of Herzog, Kamenka, Ober-Monjou, & Pfeifer)

VELLER / FELLER (village of Krasnoyar)

VOELKER / FOELKER / FELKER (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

VÖLCKER / FELKER (villages of Brunnental & Huck)

WACKER (village of Frank)

WACKER (village of Frank)

WACKER (village of Norka)

WAGERLEITNER (village of Warenburg)

WAGNER (village of Frank)

WALTER (village of Norka)

WALTER (village of Frank)

WAMBOLT / WAMBOLDT (village of Dietel)

WASCHENFELDER (village of Hussenbach)

WASSENMILLER (village not indicated)

WASSENMILLER (villages of Eckheim & Shcherbakovka)

WEBER (village of Norka)

WEBER (village of Balzer)

WEBER (village of Beideck & Laub)

WEBER (villages of Brunnental & Moor)

WEBER (village of Frank)

WEBER (village of Kautz)

WEBER (village of Laub)

WEBER (villages Alexanderge, Krasnoyar, Reinwald, Rosenfeld, & Wiezenfeld)

WEBER (village of Walter)

WEDE (village of Paulskoye)

WEGLIN / WEGELIN (village of Merkel)

WEIBERT (village of Messer)

WEIDEMAN (village of Frank)

WEIDENKELLER (villages of Jost & Norka)

WEIGANDT (village of Huck)

WEIGANDT (village of Kukkus)

WEIGANDT (village of Norka)

WEIL (village of Beideck)

WEIMER (village Dobrinka)

WEISS (village Frank)

WEITZ (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

WEITZEL (village of Frank)

WEITZEL / WEIZEL to 1865 (village of Norka)

WEITZEL to 1906 (village of Norka)

WIDERSPAHN / WIEDERSPAHN (villages Brunnental, Frank, & Walter)

WIEGEL (village of Schwed)

WIETERHOLD (villages of Paulskoye & Phillippsfeld)

WILLMANN (village of Frank)

WINSCHU (village of Katharinenstadt)

WINTER (village of Shcherbakovka)

WITTMAN (villages of Herzog, Kamenka, Ober-Monjou, & Pfeifer)

WOLF (village of Dobrinka)

WOLF (villages of Boaro, Kano, & Stahl am Karaman)

WOLSBORN (village of Frank)

WUNSCH (village of Galka)

WURTZ (villages of Laub & Pfalz)

YAKEL / JACKEL (villages Dönhof, Mueller, & Wiesenmüller)

YEAGER / JAGER (village of Norka) - refer to JAGER / YEAGER (village of Norka)

YOST / JOST (village of Norka) - refer to JOST / YOST (village of Norka)

YOST / JOST to 1906 (village of Norka) - refer to JOST / YOST to 1906 (village of Norka)

YUNGMANN / YOUNGMAN / JUNGMANN / JUNGMAN (village of Yagodnaya Polyana)

ZEILER (village of Frank)

ZIEG (village of Balzer)

ZIEG (village of Balzer)

ZIELCH (village of Norka)

ZITTERKOPF (village of Huck)

ZWETZIG (village of Shcherbakovka)



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