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For those that are new to genealogy and to AHSGR in particular, the society determined early on to have Village Coordinators (VC), (individuals responsible to help coordinate research for their village(s), many of whom created databases. In that vein Doris Evans, VC - Frank, created such a database.

When Doris first created the database she included both Frank and Kolb information as she had a grandparent from each village. As time went on and more information was obtained, it became apparent that many of the local families also had ties to both villages, particularly those families for the Odessa and Ritzville communities in eastern Washington where Doris and Thelma Sprenger, VC - Kolb, live.

Over the years is has become quite convenient to researchers, especially during Odessa Fest, to have the database combined and in one location for easier access to the information.

Due to a number of factors such as the close working relationship between Doris and Thelma, the intermingling of the families between the two villages (and subsequently the database) and the difficulties that would result in trying to separate the two villages, it has been agreed upon that the database remain as one with submission of changes being made by the Assistant Village Coordinators (Maggie Hein and Kelly Horst) for Frank and Kolb respectively, to Doris Evans who will maintain the original database.

The database material originated from numerous sources such as ancestral lineage charts (surname charts), church records, census records, newspaper obituaries, resource books, village research conducted in Germany, and family histories with GEDCOM files submitted by Frank and Kolb descendants, many of which can be purchased from AHSGR. Though you need not be a member of AHSGR to purchase these items, one of the benefits of membership is the discount you receive on purchases from the store.


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