Database - Family Histories

The following family histories were used in the initial creation of the database. They are listed by surname followed by the name of the individual(s) who submitted the histories:

DERR - Arthur Derr
DICK - Marilyn McDaniel
ECKHARDT - Carol Bretthauer, Ken Eckhardt, Doris Evans, Barbara Flugum
GREENWALT - Erma Waggoner
GUTTMAN - Bob Goodman
HARTUNGG - Barbara Jones, Ray Harding
HORST & STROH - Richard Edward Dreith
KAUFMANN & TRAUDT - Erving Kaufman
KOLB families - Judi Jarret
KNOPF - Ben Knopp
SCHILLEREFF - Barbara Jones
SITZMAN - Glenn Sitzman
STEUCKLE - Elaine Sauer DeBoer
WAGNER - Terrill Wagner


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