Below is a list of individuals who are actively researching surnames in the village of Frank. If you would like to be added to this list please submit the following information using the contact form:

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Surname Researcher Contact Information
Aschenbrenner Connie Jo Mitchel
Amen Cindy Schafer
Amen Donald Walter
Amen Janice E. Haynes
Amen Joan Welch
Amen Leona Garcia
Bastrom Joan Welch
Bastron Susan Hopp Nakaji
Batt/Bath/Bott Elaine & Bob McDowell
Bauer Angie Ralston
Bauer Dennis Sewald
Bauer Elaine Bauer Cassarino
Bauer Jennifer L. David
Bauer Ralph Bauer
Becker Joan Welch
Brungard Sharon Pitman
Ditter Betty Arnold Henderson
Ditter/Detter Robert Munger
Eckhardt Cindy Schafer
Eckhardt Jean A. Roth
Fahrenbruch Janette Lofing
Fahrenbruch Jeanie Surges
Fahrenbruch Joan Welch
Fahrenbruch Judy Curtis
Frick Joan Welch
Fuchs Betty Arnold Henderson
Fuchs Leona Garcia
Fuss Don & Sue Vigil
Fuss/Fuchs Janette Lofing
Gartmen Shauna Libsack
Gettman/Gottmann Jeanie Surges
Gettman/Gottmann Kelly Horst
Gettman Ralph Bauer
Gettman Sherrie Gettman Stahl
Goetz Jean A. Roth
Grief Jerry Berthour
Gruenwald Sherrie Gettman Stahl
Gruenwald/Grunewald Monica Phillips
Grunewald Shauna Libsack
Guenther Bob Wagner
Guenther Joan Welch
Guttmann Janette Lofing
Harding/Hardung/Hartung Betty Arnold Henderson
Hartung Donald Walter
Hartung Mark Anderson
Heimbigner Shauna Libsack
Heimbuchner Connie Jo Mitchel
Heimbüchner Betty Arnold Henderson
Heimbuechner Susan Hopp Nakaji
Heimbuechner/Heimbigner/Heinbigner Peggy Heinbigner Gulland
Hein Kelly Horst
Hein Maggie Hein
Heitzenreder Joan Welch
Herman/Hermann Leona Garcia
Herrmann Peggy Heinbigner Gulland
Hoff Colleen Brannigan
Hoff/Hopp Gary Sears
Hoff Jean A. Roth
Hoffarber/Hofferber Robert Munger
Hofferber Susan Hubenthal
Hoffman Elaine & Bob McDowell
Hopp Susan Hopp Nakaji
Horst Kelly Horst
Ils Leona Garcia
Jaeger Susan Hopp Nakaji
Kammerzell Connie Jo Mitchel
Kammerzell Doug Schneider or
Kammerzell Shauna Libsack
Kehn/Kiehn Janette Lofing
Kiehn Jeanie Surges
Keihn/Kuhn Joan Welch
Kiehn Terry Kiehn or
Kissler Cindy Schafer
Kissler Clarence Kissler
Kissler Kelly Horst
Kissler Ralph Bauer
Kissler Susan Hopp Nakaji
Klein Janice E. Haynes
Klippert Jerry Berthour
Lapp Betty Arnold Henderson
Lapp Elaine & Bob McDowell
Lebsack Janice E. Haynes
Lebsack Jennifer L. David
Lebsack Judy Curtis
Lebsack/Lebsock/Libsack Angie Ralston
Lebsack/Lebsock/Liebsack Don & Sue Vigil
Lebsack/Libsack/Löbsack Shauna Libsack
Leonhardt Donald Walter
Leonhardt Jeanie Surges
Leonhardt Joan Welch
Leonhardt Judy Curtis
Leonhardt Leona Garcia
Leonhart Susan Hopp Nakaji
Lesser Donald Walter
Lesser Gloria J. Johnson
Lesser Joan Welch
Lobsack Donald Walter
Lichtenberger Jeanie Surges
Miller Donald Walter
Miller Joan Welch
Muller Doug Schneider or
Peppler Shauna Libsack
Pfeif Dennis Sewald
Pipp Shauna Libsack
Reiter Betty Arnold Henderson
Reiter Janette Lofing
Scha(e)fer Janice E. Haynes
Schaefer Jean A. Roth
Schafer Cindy Schafer
Schafer Donald Walter
Schafer Harold Zeiler
Schafer Joan Welch
Schafer/Schäfer/Schaefer/Schaffer Marty Greenwod
Schafer Monica Phillips
Schaffer Colleen Brannigan
Schneider Michael Fyler
Soll/Sell Crystal Dutzel
Soll Janette Lofing
Spiren Shauna Libsack
Spreuer Joan Welch
Steinmetz Janice E. Haynes
Strasheim Betty Arnold Henderson
Trupp Janette Lofing
Trupp Janice E. Haynes
Trupp Jeanie Surges
Uhrich Donald Swenson
Uhrich Michael Fyler
Vogel Connie Jo Mitchel
Vogt Judy Curtis
Wacker Joan Welch
Wacker/Walker Colleen Brannigan
Wagner Bob Wagner
Wagner Cindy Schafer
Wagner Colleen Brannigan
Wagner Nora Su Alvarado
Walker/Wacker Elaine & Bob McDowell
Walter Donald Walter
Walter Janice E. Haynes
Weber Jerry Berthour
Weidemann Clarence Kissler
Weidemann Susan Hopp Nakaji
Weiderspahn Susan Hubenthal
Wolsborn Joan Welch
Zeiler Gloria J. Johnson
Zeiler Janice E. Haynes
Zeiler Jeanie Surges
Zeiler Harold Zeiler
Zeitler Dennis Sewald


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